Gain peace of mind with ‘your new payroll department’

Your company’s payroll is one of the most vital parts of your business but managing it in-house can be costly, time-consuming and leave you in a vulnerable position.

In fact, there are so many downsides to using staff to manage your payroll that many business consultants recommend outsourcing to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure legal compliance.

If you are currently managing your own payroll, you will already know how stressful and tiresome it can be.
Staff can get bogged down with annoying payroll issues when their time would be much better spent focussing on core business tasks. Problems also inevitably arise due to staff sickness, annual leave and recruitment issues.

Professional accountants

Before we go any further, we should say that we at Master Accounting Limited are NOT just a payroll bureau. We are experienced, professional, local accountants and are here to take on the entire burden of your payroll management, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best.

It might also be helpful for you to know that, of all the payroll clients we have ever taken on, every single one of them remains with us to this day. In other words, we have NEVER had a payroll client change their mind or move their business to another firm.

We think that probably speaks for itself.

As far as our customers are concerned, we are their payroll department, a vital component of their business.

Risks and costs of in-house management

So what are the risks and costs associated with managing payroll in-house that can leave your business vulnerable?

Risks and costs of in-house management

  • Lack of continuity, due to staff absence/changeover

  • Risk of falling foul of legal requirements and constant pressure to keep up to date

  • Over dependence on key members of staff

  • Cost of staff training

  • Cost of software licences

  • Tying up of staff time on non-core business issues

  • Data security problems

  • Conflicts of interest

Stress-free management solution

We at Master Accounting can remove these risks and become the payroll department you always dreamed of.

We provide a stress-free total management solution and are available at the end of a phone at any time. All you need to do is send us your payroll data and we will do the rest.

You will no longer have the strain of keeping up with legal changes or anxieties about continuity. Quite simply, we offer all of the benefits of a payroll department, and more, without any of the overheads, responsibility and headaches.

We provide a reliable, tailored payroll service to meet individual needs and, whether you decide to opt for a flat-rate fee or a cost per payslip, there will never be any additional charges.

Flexible and responsive

Unlike payroll bureau staff, we are professional accountants and therefore understand the role payroll plays in your overall accounts. We offer integrated auto-enrolment and can produce journals and bank payment files as required.

You save on software licencing and stationary costs and have the reassurance of knowing that we are fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliant.

The service we offer also grows with your business, giving you the freedom and confidence to concentrate on your business itself, knowing that your payroll management is in safe hands.

Master Accounting Managing Director Mark Buckmaster says: ‘When we take on a new payroll client, they often see it as a major breakthrough when they realise just how much we can take the weight off their shoulders.

‘I think what our customers love is how responsive we are to their needs. If they have a question, there is no need to issue a ticket and wait for a response, or any of that sort of nonsense. We are extremely flexible and available at all times and they can rest assured that their payroll is in safe hands and always our absolute priority.’

So could payroll outsourcing be right for you?

What Our Customers Say......

Lee Lovett, Finance Manager, House of Vantage Ltd, trading as BakeAway, Corby

"‘It is a pleasure to work with Mark and Rachel at Master Accounting. The service we receive from them is first class. They are expeditious and accurate with our payroll requirements and also able to respond with expert knowledge to our queries and ad hoc requests.’

David Ladley, Finance Director, Crosby Composites Limited, Brackley and Wellingborough

"‘I have known and worked with Mark Buckmaster for 10 years across 4 different companies.I have engaged him on payroll in each of those companies, which in itself speak volumes about the value, competence and accuracy of what Mark does. He has done payrolls for me ranging from less than 100 staff to over 200 with his attention to detail and, above all, accuracy exemplary. His responsiveness to my demanding queries, faultless in their speed and clarity of reply, and his pricing also makes him hugely competitive against anyone else I could use. He also customises our payslips and gives me whatever output I request to suit my business and accounting integration needs. Furthermore, he often goes beyond what I expect by helping specific employees with their personal tax issues with the HMRC if perhaps they have got in arears or have issues over car benefits or other non-standard issues. I use Mark and his payroll services repeatedly because I know it solves my need to get payroll done with minimal fuss, on time and accurate with all the Year-End returns also thrown in to make the complete annual, monthly and weekly solution.

David Roe, Finance Director,

Redwood Global Ltd, Andover, Hampshire

"’I have now worked closely with Mark Buckmaster/Master Accounting providing payroll services in two separate companies. I have found him to be extremely helpful, flexible and reliable.
He has all the requisite knowledge but does not make the whole exercise of processing payroll a purely technical exercise and is very adaptable when the situation demands. Certainly we have found him to be very good value for the service he provides.’

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